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(ECHO) Echocardiography


In the Vivid™ T8, we’ve taken the established cardiac imaging capabilities of GE Vivid systems, and blended them with exceptional shared services performance of the LOGIQ™ systems.

The result: some of the best features of both systems combined into one value hybrid cardiovascular ultrasound system – rugged, reliable, robust, and rich with features, yet still affordable and easy to use.


Portable and reliable 2D system, taking cardiovascular ultrasound to a new level. Vivid S60N helps reduce non-diagnostic examinations.

Combined with the performance of cSound, Vivid S60N optimises patient care, for example with:

  • Excellent imaging quality in 2D, color flow and Doppler

  • Excellent spatial resolution and detailed imaging

  • New functions, such as automated LV Quantification

  • Why ECHO Test is done

An echocardiogram checks how your heart's chambers and valves are pumping blood through your heart. An echocardiogram uses electrodes to check your heart rhythm and ultrasound technology to see how blood moves through your heart. An echocardiogram can help your doctor diagnose heart conditions.

  • Specifics



  • Where will this investigation

  • LG-1, Morya Centre 16/1, Race Course Road, Opp Basket Ball Complex, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Monday – Saturday  8AM – 9PM

Sunday    8AM – 2PM

Note: Please make an appointment to avoid inconvenience

  • Address: 10-A/A Sanrachna Avenue, Satya Sai Square, Agra Bombay Rd, Scheme No 74, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010

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