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Fully Automated Semen Analysis

“We are the one always moving forward with progressive vision”

  1. Completely Objective & Standardized reports.

  2. Completely Automated No manual or subjective variation.

  3. US FDA approved.

  4. Follows WHO 6th generation guidelines.

  5. Morphology according to Kruger's Strict criteria.

  6. Hundreds of research papers: best solution for Quality reports.

#Comparison with Manual Method :-
Simple analysis methodology for concentration, motility and morphology shows much lower CV than manual method :

  1. The SQA-V will count tens of thousands of sperms at the lower concentrations and millions at high concentrations, reducing the counting error compared to manual method.

  2. Motility tends to be significantly over estimated by manual methods.

  3. Morphology is confirmed to have the largest variation between operators in manual method.

  4. The ranges show that humans subconsciously have a low morphology reported range and higher motility range in manual method. The SQA-V system demonstrates a high degree of precision and much lower intra sample variation than a human.

#Parameters measured by Automated Test Results :

  1. Total sperm concentration (TSC)

  2. Motility percentage

  3. Progressive motility percentage

  4. Normal morphology percentage

  5. Motile sperm concentration (MSC)

  6. Progressively motile sperm concentration (PMSC)

  7. Functional sperm concentration (FSC)

  8. Average velocity of the progressively motile sperm (velocity)

#Associated Tests :-
Male Infertility : LH, FSH, Testosterone Total & Free, Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test.
Female Infertility : AMH, LH, FSH, Prolactin, DHESO4, Insulin, Testosterone.

Introducing New And Advanced Test For Diagnosis Male Infertility

Sodani Diagnostic Clinic has always been at the forefront in intro- ducing newer diagnostic solutions since its inception and trying to match the requirements of our clinicians to bring the latest investigations to this region, at the same time ensuring that our quality matches the international standards. All these years, we have been pioneers in increasing the menu of diagnostic tests in this region. A few that may be still missing are already in the pipe- line. Continuing in this tradition, we now bring to you one such instrument, which makes us the first laboratory in Malwa region to be well equipped.


  1. Provides a reliable analysis of sperm DNA integrity that may help to identify men who are at risk of sub fertility.

  2. Provides information that helps in the clinical diagnosis, management and treatment of male fertility.

  3. Provides prognostic value in assessing the outcome of assisted conception treatment.

Men who may benifit from DNA Fregmentation Test 

  1. Unexplained Infertility

  2. Arrested Embryo Development

  3. Poor Blastocyst Development

  4. Multiple Failed IVF/ICSI Treatments

  5. Recurrent Miscarriage

  6. Advanced Chronological Age

  7. Varicocele

  8. Poor Semen Parameters

  9. Exposure To Harmful Substances

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