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New Panel Of Antibiotics For Gram Negative Bacteria (GNB)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, patients with Covid -19 viral infection have been treated with antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infection. Rampant and unjudicious use of antibiotics during Covid-19 has lead to increased antimicrobial resistance (AMR) causing emergence of Pandrug resistant organisms in critical care settings.

We, at Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic offer an antimicrobial susceptibility panel comprising of 29 antimicrobial drugs and newer combinations such as :
1. Ceftazidime +  Avibactum
2. Ceftalozane + Tazobactum
3. Ampicillin + Sulbactum Chloramphenicol & Ceftizoxime
At No Extra Cost

For gram negative MDR (Multidrug Resistant) organisms, both Lactose fermenting and Non-lactose fermenting susceptibility to 29 antibiotics will be reported.

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