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Naiduniya-IMA-Sampurna night walkathon 2021

Illuminating Health Awareness: Naiduniya-IMA-Sampurna Night Walkathon 2021

In 2021, Sampurna Diagnostics partnered with Naiduniya and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) to sponsor the Night Walkathon, a unique event aimed at promoting health awareness and physical activity in the community. The collaboration underscored Sampurna Diagnostics' commitment to empowering individuals with knowledge and resources to lead healthier lives.

The Naiduniya-IMA-Sampurna Night Walkathon provided an opportunity for participants of all ages to come together and engage in a fun-filled evening of walking, fitness, and camaraderie. Against the backdrop of the night sky, participants embarked on a journey through illuminated paths, promoting the importance of regular physical activity for overall well-being.

Sampurna Diagnostics' involvement in the Night Walkathon extended beyond sponsorship; the organization actively participated in organizing health education sessions, providing free health screenings, and offering informative materials to participants. Through these initiatives, Sampurna Diagnostics aimed to raise awareness about the benefits of exercise, healthy lifestyle choices, and preventive healthcare practices.

As participants traversed the designated route, they were encouraged to reflect on the significance of physical activity in reducing the risk of chronic diseases and improving quality of life. By promoting walking as a simple yet effective form of exercise, the Night Walkathon inspired individuals to incorporate regular physical activity into their daily routines for long-term health benefits.

Moreover, Sampurna Diagnostics utilized the platform of the Night Walkathon to advocate for holistic well-being, emphasizing the importance of mental health, nutrition, and stress management alongside physical fitness. Through interactive workshops, informative sessions, and engagement with healthcare professionals, participants were empowered to take proactive steps towards achieving optimal health and wellness.

The Naiduniya-IMA-Sampurna Night Walkathon 2021 exemplified the power of collaboration in promoting health awareness and community engagement. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and fostering a culture of wellness, the event served as a shining example of Sampurna Diagnostics' commitment to making a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities alike.

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