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Mission & Vision

At Sampurna, we are guided by our vision and philosophy of:

Offering reliable and accurate Diagnostic services to our customers, at Affordable prices, in a customer centric manner

Keeping pace with the Technological Advances in Diagnostics and offering our Customers Access to the latest Developments in Diagnostic Medicare

Complying with the most Stringent Quality and Ethical norms and ensuring a human touch to our Services

The Pioneers in Diagnotic Medicare

Our unquestioned commitment to Quality makes us unique in everything we do. This very ability is the key determinant when referring medical practioners choose our services above all, to reach at the best of Patient Care.


  • Our facilities and Services have obtained high level of Accreditation as per standards followed in Indian National Region.

  • We believe in minimised human intervention, and, maximised Automated technology to ensure least human errors.

  • We have deployed competent and dedicated team of Professionals at every lineage of medical investigation.

  • High level professional efforts on training and development of doctors, technicians, and support staff to face, meet and deliver quality output.


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