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Dr. Yatiraj Kalantri

Molecular Biology Consultant

PhD- Life Sciences

Specialization in TB, Infectious Diseases, Real time PCR, Interferon- Gamma,

Y chromosome Microdeletion, Molecular & Immunodiagnostics

Total Experience(18 years


  • Consultant Molecular Biologist, Sodani Diagnostics Clinic, Indore (2020-till Now)

  •  Executive Manufacturing, Molbio Diagnostics, Goa (2013-2014)

  •  R & D Scientist, Zephyr Biomedicals (Tulip Group), Goa (2011-2012)


  • Award of Senior Research Fellow, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Project“Molecular, Immunological & Bacterial Tools for diagnosis of Extra-Pulmonary TB”. ChoithramHospital & Research Centre, 2007- 2010

  • International Paper award “Evaluation of Real-time polymerase chain reaction,Interferon-gamma, adenosine deaminase and immunoglobulin A for efficient diagnosis of PleuralTuberculosis. Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, India (2011)

  • Best Paper award for “Role of Cancer antigen-125 from Pleural & Ascitic fluid samples in non-malignant conditions”, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, India (2007)

  • Award of Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (SBRI) Bursary for Best paper,“IFN-γ, PCR, ADA & IgA improves diagnosis of Pleural TB”, at International TB Symposium,ICGEB, New Delhi, India (2006)

Research Papers published

Denkinger C, Kalantri Y, Schumacher S et al. Challenges in the development of an

immunochromatographic interferon-gamma test for diagnosis of pleural tuberculosis.

PLOS One, 2013 ;8(12): e85447

Kalantri Y, Hemwani N, Chitnis DS. Evaluation of Real-time polymerase chain reaction,

Interferon-gamma, adenosine deaminase and immunoglobulin A for efficient diagnosis of

Pleural Tuberculosis. International Journal of Infectious Diseases 2011;15: 226-231.

Kalantri Y, Hemwani N, Chitnis DS. Evaluation of whole blood IFN-γ test using PPD

recombinant antigen challenge for the Diagnosis of Pulmonary & Extra-pulmonary TB. Indian

Journal of Experimental Biology 2009; 47:463-468.

Kalantri Y, Naik G et al. Role of Cancer antigen-125 in Non-malignant Pleural & Ascitic fluid in

non-malignant conditions. Indian Journal of Medical Research 2007;125: 23-28.

Dubey M, Kalantri Y, Hemwani N, Chitnis DS. Chronic knee monoarthritis caused by

Mycobacterium chelonae. National Medical Journal of India 2007; 20:240-1.

Kalantri Y, Hemwani N, Bhatia G C, et al. Elisa kit evaluation for IgG & IgM antibodies to A-60

tubercular protein antigen. Indian Journal of Medical Sciences 2005; 59: 301-309.

Special Achievement/Initiatives

  • Development of Novel Biphasic Medium for rapid recovery of Mycobacteria with lowcost & its comparison with MGIT-BACTECH & LJ media, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore(2007-2008)

  • Development of NS1 antigen Immunochromatography Test (ICT) at Qualpro -Tulip Diagnostics-Goa(2012)

  • Development of Interferon Gamma ICT for third world countries. Tulip Diagnostics, Goa (InternationalProject) (2011-2013)


  • Qiagen (Germany) - Real time PCR technology Training at Shah Pathology, Indore (2016)

  • Quality Assurance-Management Representative - Molbio Diagnostics, Goa, 2013

  • Micro Real time PCR technology, Micro Chip, Nanoparticles training at BIGTEC Lab,Bangalore (2012)

  • IVF & ICSI – Embryology Training at CHL-Gada Art life center, Indore (2010)

  • Molecular Biology Training at - Institute of Life Science, Bhubaneshwar, India (2007)

  • Training at Choithram Hospital & Research Centre-Microbiology, Immunology and MolecularBiology, Indore (2004)

  • Training at - National Institute Virology, Pune, India (2001)


  • Life Technologies-Molecular & Cellular Research workflows – Tools from LifeTechnologies / Invitrogen /Thermo fisher Scientific, Marriott Hotel, Goa (2014).

  • Kalantri Y,et al. Rapid detection & Identification of Non Tubercular Mycobacteria and

  • M.tuberculosis from Pulmonary TB and Extrapulmonary TB by Real time PCR.International TBSymposium on TB Diagnostics, ICGEB, Delhi. (2010).

  • Kalantri Y, et al. “Evaluation of Real time PCR, anti-A60 IgG, and anti-A60 IgM for theefficient and rapid diagnosis of Female Genital TB”, 5th World Congress of Cellular &Molecular Biology organized by School of Biotechnology, Indore, India and WorldSociety of Cellular and Molecular Biology, France. (2009)

  • Kalantri Y, et al. Novel Biphasic Medium for rapid recovery of Mycobacteria with lowcost & its comparison with MGIT-BACTECH & LJ media. International TB Symposium on Emergingtrends in TB Research: Biomarkers, Drugs & Vaccines,ICGEB, New Delhi (2008)

  • Kalantri Y, et al. Rapid methods PCR, IgG and IgM antibody to A-60 antigen for thediagnosis of female genital TB. 2nd International Conference on Trends in Cellular &Molecular Biology, JNU, New Delhi, (2008)

  • Kalantri Y, et al. “IFN-Y, ADA, PCR, IgA improves diagnosis of pleural TB”,International symposium on New frontiers in TB Research, ICGEB,Delhi, (2006)

Dr. Yatiraj Kalantri
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