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Volumetric Analysis Of Brain Structure

NEUROShield™ is an artificial intelligence based clinical decision support tool which provides volumetric analysis to understand the mechanism of disease, tracking clinical progression of disease and helps in monitoring the effects of the treatment. It provides clinicians with objective analysis to aid with patient's assessments and supports the clinical impression with quantitative analysis.

  1. HIPPOCAMPUS : Alzhiemer's | Dementia | Epilepsy

  2. WHOLE BRAIN : Movement disorders | Parkinsonism Dementia | Huntington's Disease

  3. VENTRICLES : Alzhiemers | Dementia | Epilepsy Hydrocephalus

  4. MIDBRAIN, PONS & BRAINSTEM : Dementia | Parkinsonism Pontine Supranuclear Palsy


  • Fully automated segmentation for brain & its sub-structures.

  • Micro-ethnicity based specific reference ranges.

  • AI enabled clinical decision support.

  • Condition specific analysis.

  • Focused structrual volumetric analysis.


  • Absolute volume of multiple structures

  • Individual specific analysis (normalised to ICV%)

  • Detection of <5% atrophy

  • Provides detailed analysis of atrophy and lateralization

  • Advanced visualizations of regions of interest

Its an A.l. based decision support tool which gives precise neuro volumetric analytics using 3D MRI for various neurodegenerativediseases (Alzheimer's, dementia, epilepsy, MCI, Parkinson's, supranuclear palsy). With an accuracy of >95% in calculatingvolumetric changes, it aids in early diagnosis & treatment planningand monitoring.

  • Diagnostic support tool for neurodegenerative conditions by obtaining precise volumetric brain data by using 3D structural MRI.

  • Improving the diagnostic and prognostic capabilities for neurodegenerative conditions.

  • Leveraging AI to fully automate the tedious task of manual image processing and deliver results with industry leading accuracy.

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